The Sip

An archive of notes from 2015—2019

Vin de Jardin: Garden dinner with Marco Pelletier


On a recent Friday night, Marco Pelletier of Domaine de Galouchey was in town. I’ve enjoyed his fresh, dangerously drinkable wines for a few years, but never had the chance to meet him. While his tiny domaine is in Bordeaux, he elects to forgo the prestigious geography and declassifies his wine, calling it simply Vin de Jardin. Hardly a hectare, Marco fancies his domaine more of a garden, anyway, so it certainly seemed fitting to host him in ours. The evening was filled with beauty and warmth, lots of brisket and cobbler, and some of the most stunning bluegrass my ears have ever had the pleasure of drinking up. Here’s a little taste for your eyes and ears. 


video shot and edited by Benjamin Zacaroli

photos by Mireyah Marcinek and Benjamin Zacaroli